Badr University in Cairo

Badr University in Cairo

Badr University in Cairo is a private university built in 2014 AD, and it is located in Badr City, University Road, note that Badr City belongs to Cairo Governorate. Badr University contains 16 colleges so far. Badr University in Cairo is a private university built in 2014 AD, and it is located in Badr City, University Road, note that Badr City belongs to Cairo Governorate. Badr University contains 16 colleges so far. Badr University in Cairo

Badr University in Cairo

School of Medicine

Fees:97500 LE.

The School of Medicine, Badr University in Cairo (BUC), aims to be recognized nationally, regionally and internationally in the coming 10 years by achieving all professional competencies and advanced skills for its graduates, according to new trends in Integrated Medical Education, Applied Scientific Research and Community Services. The School of Medicine seeks to preparing unique medical graduates, qualified with the 21st capabilities and able to adopt self-learning and continuous professional training through training based on problem solving and team work in an integrated medical team, to be able to provide distinguished health services and to be competitive in health care market through providing an advanced diverse programs with high quality compatible with national, regional and international standards and also to be able to employ applied scientific research for community service and environmental development.

School of Oral & Dental Medicine

Fees:65000 LE.

The school of Oral and Dental Medicine seeks to become the leading and most distinguished college in the field of Oral and Dental Medicine in the world. It provides qualified graduates and specialists in the field of oral and dental medicine through a distinguished study program with modern teaching methods aiming for innovation in scientific research and outstanding community service.

School of Applied Arts

Fees:30000 LE.

The school of Applied Arts seeks to be a source of purposeful creativity and design innovation. A perfect blend of design passion, dedication &creativity. Its mession is global level of competitiveness. An ability to exercise focused research in solving industry, society and environment problems with adherence to design professional ethics

School of Filmmaking & Performing Arts

Fees:40000 LE.

The School of Filmmaking & Performing Arts seeks to graduate high level comprehensive artists in accordance to the highest national & international standards that meet the artistic global community needs. The School works on providing hands-on, student-centered learning experience conducted in an interdisciplinary and interactive environment, and to stimulate and implement a curricula that integrates research and entrepreneurial activities for the profession in addition to required skills and knowledge.

School Of Veterinary Medicine

Fees:37500 LE.

The School of Veterinary Medicine - Badr University in Cairo seeks to have distinguished programs in the field of veterinary medical sciences locally, regionally and internationally, and to improve the educational and research process, especially in the field of food health and safety and animal medicine and surgery. The School of Veterinary Medicine prepares distinguished veterinary cadres capable of imparting knowledge, localizing technology, serving and developing the local and regional community ٬ In addition to directing scientific research to serve the community and its needs

School of Physical Therapy

Fees:37500 LE.

School of Physical Therapy seeks to be a leader within the Physical Therapy profession and to become a center of excellence locally and internationally. The mission of  the School of Physical Therapy graduate outstanding, compassionate, highly skilled and distinguished graduates able to meet the requirements of the labor market locally and regionally To provide students with required academic and practical skills by using state-of-the-art technology in the field of physical therapy as well as developing scientific research and society services.

School of Business & Economics

Fees:27500 LE.

The School of Business & Economics works on raising the efficiency of the institutional capacity to improve the competitive situation. Supporting and strengthening the educational system. Expanding support and promotion of the Faculty’s internationalization programs. The development of a scientific research system and support for post graduate programs. Expanding in the fields of community service and environmental development.

School of Engineering & Technology

Fees:35000 LE.

School of Engineering & Technology seeks to be a distinguished educational and research institution in engineering sciences and applications, and effectively serve the society

School of Law

Fees:30000 LE.

The School of Law seeks to be distinguished locally and regionally and in line with international standards in education, scientific research, innovation, and training, while successfully fulfilling our societal responsibilities. The School of Law contributes to the graduation and qualification of a new generation of distinguished Egyptian and Arab jurists, through advanced legal programs, modern educational systems, effective applied training, faculty members with proven competence, and centers of excellence in the fields of legal research, training, and consultations, with a commitment to apply the highest academic quality standards.

School of Allied Health Sciences

Fees:30000 LE.

The School of Allied Health Sciences seeks to be the leader in providing high quality educational and research programs in the fields of applied health sciences at the national and regional levels. The School also works on meet the needs of the community in the fields of applied health science technology by providing distinguished educational programs to graduate technicians capable of helping health care providers to improve the quality of the health system.

School of Pharmacy

Fees:45000 LE.

The School of Pharmacy seeks to be the national, regional and international preeminent faculty of pharmacy transforming human health through innovations in education, practice, and scientific research The School of Pharmacy provides best in class education, training, and life-long teaming opportunities for students and graduates, while creating, disseminating and applying up to date knowledge based on research and practice in the pharmaceutical, social and clinical sciences to improve health.

School of Linguistics & Translation

Fees:22500 LE.

The vision of the School of Linguistics & Translation is to empower students to acquire knowledge, wisdom and communication that prepare them to be well informed global citizens. The mission of the School of Linguistics & Translation is to enable students to bridge the gap among cultures and adequately prepare them to compete in local and global labour markets.

School of Nursing

Fees:17500 LE.

The vision of the School of Nursing to be the pillar of the Egyptian Nursing profession impacting on the health of the society through excellence in nursing education, research, practice and community service. The mission is to provide educational strategies that help students acquire problem solving, evidence-based practice, knowledge and aptitudes needed to provide culturally sensitive health care. To be the core of quality care following the principles of individual and long-life learning To meet the changes and challenges as well as opportunities that are influencing nursing development.

School of Biotechnology

Fees:32500 LE.

The School of Biotechnology seeks to become one of the most distinguished academic institutions locally and regionally in education and scientific research. Also, serving the University and the community in medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and environmental fields by perusing all revolutionary up to date scientific advancements.