Damietta University

Damietta University

تأسست جامعة دمياط عام 2012 بمدينة دمياط في مصر تأسست جامعة دمياط عام 2012 بمدينة دمياط في مصر Damietta University

Damietta University

ElSayyed Mohamed Daadour

ElSayyed Mohamed Daadour

Title: President of Damietta University

Prof. Dr. Elsayyed Mohamed Daadour is the President of Damietta University in Egypt.

A word from the President of Damietta University:

I thank God for the opportunity to be one of those responsible for the development of Damietta University and one of the workers with every effort to push it forward, and it is a great responsibility that I pray to God to help me carry out and to strengthen my shoulders with co-workers who support me in my mission that began in August 2017.

I am pleased to perform my work with my fellow faculty members and administrative staff for the sake of our dear students in a charming place where the university is located in Damietta Governorate overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, and the governorate is the last stop of the Nile River, the aortic artery of many African countries. Thus, the governorate is characterized by its direct affiliation with the countries of the Mediterranean basin and the continent of Africa, as it is separated from the continent of Asia by a little more than a hundred kilometers.

This distinguished location made Damietta a unique tourist site, and ancient history testifies that it was and still is one of the gates of entry to Egypt throughout history, in which internal and external trade was active, which made its people work in agriculture, industry and fishing until it became the most famous In the region in the fields of agriculture, candy industry, furniture, dairy products, shoes, textiles, sea fishing and shipbuilding.

The people of Damietta have a long history of defending the homeland against the invasions of colonialists and invaders, including, for example, confronting the French campaign and the Crusades, which captured the people of Damietta, one of which was King Louis IX of France.

And all these factors made the residents of the governorate a people characterized by a sense of patriotism and an appreciation of the value of work and its sanctification, and the charming nature of Damietta dyed its people with distinctive features. And urbanization and the meanings of culture and educating, and an unlimited number of scholars emerged from it, headed by Dr. Ali Mosharafa and an endless list of writers, poets and artists, including Taher Abu Fasha, Farouk Shousha, Latifa Al-Zayat, Aisha Abdul Rahman Bint Al-Shati and Riyadh Al-Sunbati and others.. The charming environment of the governorate also produced great philosophers, including Zaki Najib Mahmoud.

In recent years, the movement to restore the historical glories of the people of Damietta began, so the modern port of Damietta was established to revive the trade movement and exploit that port again as one of the most important commercial ports in the world. Money is protection for that historical profession in the governorate.

On the same approach, Damietta University announced an academic institution whose faculties began affiliation with the prestigious Mansoura University as of 1976, and the establishment of various faculties continued in Damietta until the number reached eight, and then Damietta University became independent in 2012 from the Mother University of Mansoura to begin a journey towards achieving the goals and aspirations of the surrounding community and its incubating environment.

There are a number of higher goals that the current administration of the university seeks to achieve as much as possible with the work team in the general administration of the university and colleagues in the faculties of the university to complement what my former colleagues presented and support the educational process, and these goals go beyond the limits of the traditional goals sought by any university, which is related to providing Distinguished educational programs, publishing distinguished scientific research, and adopting scientific, research, societal and educational activities that serve the enlightenment movement in the region.