Galala University

Galala University

Galala University is a national, non-profit Egyptian university located in Al Galala in Suez. The university includes 13 faculties in different fields of study. It was established in August 2020 by a decision of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of Egypt. Galala University is a national, non-profit Egyptian university located in Al Galala in Suez. The university includes 13 faculties in different fields of study. It was established in August 2020 by a decision of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of Egypt. Galala University

Galala University

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Fees:85,000 EGP

There’s no doubt that Pharmacy is a valued profession — one that has been around since nearly 2100 B.C.  While the field has clearly evolved since ancient Greek and Roman pharmacists created herbal remedies, pharmacy has remained an essential role for the health and well-being of the general public. If you’re interested in helping patients feel better, understand the medications they’re on, and obtain their physician-prescribed treatment, then pharmacy is definitely for you.

Medicine & Surgery

Fees:105,000 EGP

Studying Medicine & Surgery Program at GU is equipped with the most advanced clinical laboratories' skills that have a vast range of equipment including many high-fidelity clinical human simulators to help develop clinical skills in a real hospital or home. Students who study medicine at GU benefit from a mixture of work-based learning and clinical placements in a multi-professional learning environments and training opportunities thus develop the key critical skills required to work in a healthcare team.

Art & Design

Fees:49,000 EGP

Consists of: 1) Multimedia Design 2) Graphic Design 3) Visual Art 4) Textile & Fashion Design 5) Animation Movies 6) Interior Architecture


Fees:97,000 EGP

It is known that human health starts from the mouth. So the health and safety of the mouth and teeth affect a person's health in general.This was recorded in the medical protocols of some chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. Also, it’s proven that infection control starts from strong, healthy, and clean teeth. The dentist works to treat them and preserve human life and safety. Dentistry is concerned with the muscles of the face, neck, salivary glands, tongue, and even the teeth related to the patient's psychological state. That is why studying dentistry is important as the dentist directly affects people's lives.

Basic Sciences


Consists of:  1) Nanoscience & Technology  2) Petroleum & Mining Geology  3) Molecular Biotechnology

Physical Therapy

Fees:63,000 EGP

The physical Therapy program at GU is designed to prepare graduates to examine, evaluate, diagnose, and intervene in the management of impairments, functional limitations, and disabilities of the cardiopulmonary, musculoskeletal, neuromuscular, and integumentary systems. This program at GU prepares graduates for professional practice in physical therapy as general practitioners who demonstrate ongoing learning and competency in clinical practice. We educate students to become clinically competent physical therapists who care for the whole patient and uphold the profession’s core values of accountability, compassion, excellence, professional duty, and social responsibility.

Architecture Engineering

Fees:69,000 EGP

Consists of: 1) Architectural Design & Digital Architecture 2) Environmental Architecture & Building Technology

Administrative Sciences

Fees:46,000 EGP

Consists of: 1) Accounting & Finance 2) Business Administration 3) Business Information Systems 4) Marketing 5) Logistics & Supply Chain Management 6) Economics & Political Sciences


Fees:31,000 EGP

The nursing profession is absolutely ideal for individuals eager to help the sick and vulnerable. Nursing is also a rewarding career focused on helping others. Nurses are also trusted and respected professionals. Their day-to-day is focused on helping others, improving others' health, saving lives, or making them just a little bit better.  Have you heard that although nursing was often viewed as a profession dominated by younger females, the number of male nurses entering this field is continuously rising?

Media Production

Fees:50,000 EGP

Consists of: 1) Television Production 2) Advertising Production

Geo Informatics


Geo-Informatics deals with the acquisition, management, analysis, and display of geographic information from Google Maps to GPS navigation to global vegetation and water monitoring. In our Geo-Informatics program, you will obtain intensive science-based training in geographic information systems (GIS), remote sensing (imaging from satellites and aircraft), and cartography, including web-based applications. You will apply advanced computer software and techniques to the challenge of understanding the Earth’s physical and natural systems, addressing environmental problems, and planning human interventions. This program at GU combines hands-on learning, using the latest in laboratory facilities, with opportunities to gain field experience and to do work placements. Students of this program get trained in associated physical or natural sciences and computer sciences.


Fees:69,000 EGP

Consists of: 1) Construction Engineering & Specialized Construction 2) Mechatronics & Industrial Automation 3) Industrial Engineering & Systems 4) Electronics Engineering & Communications 5) Material & Manufacturing Engineering 6) Power & Power Management

Library, Information Management & Archiving


This program at Galala University prepares students to support information institutions such as libraries, museums, and archives. Our students become experts in curation, digital asset management, information architecture, ethics, human rights, information policy, and youth learning. Our students also learn information, technology and data analytics skills that make them uniquely prepared for information curation roles in the government or private sectors, such as legal informatics and intelligence.

Computer Engineering

Fees:69,000 EGP

Consists of: 1) Computer Engineering 2) Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Applied Health Sciences Technology

Fees:39,000 EGP

Consists of: 1) Medical Laboratory 2) Prosthetic Dentistry 3) Prosthetic & Orthotic Devices 4) Radiology & Medical Imaging

Computer Science

Fees:69,000 EGP

Consists of: 1) Computer Science 2) Artificial Intelligence Science 3) Biomedical Informatics

Psychology & Sociology


In this program, you’ll explore both the nature of the individual and society. Studying Psychology and Sociology allows you to explore a large and fascinating world – human beings' fundamental nature and how that nature shapes our social environment. Studying people, society and the science of the mind help us understand what shapes different behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes in different communities and parts of the world.