British University in Egypt - BUE

British University in Egypt - BUE

Founded in 2005, it has set a goal to become the leading university in teaching and research in the Middle East and North Africa and to advance the British spirit of higher education with a group of UK and other global partners who deliver internationally recognized quality degrees that develop knowledge and skills to help our students shape and lead Their countries. Founded in 2005, it has set a goal to become the leading university in teaching and research in the Middle East and North Africa and to advance the British spirit of higher education with a group of UK and other global partners who deliver internationally recognized quality degrees that develop knowledge and skills to help our students shape and lead Their countries. British University in Egypt - BUE

British University in Egypt - BUE

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Fees:86,400 LE.

The Faculty of Arts & Humanities has the most diverse approach which provides a motivating range of programmes and discipline-based majors. The Faculty’s programmes are delivered both with a local and UK flavour giving students the opportunity to gain an appreciation of national and international perspectives on many aspects of professional life. The Faculty is committed to providing quality education and distinguished community services following British and Egyptian standards as well as conducting research that contributes to the development of Egypt and the MENA region. and it aspires to achieve national and international distinction in higher education, research, and community service to promote cross-cultural understanding and develop Egypt and the MENA region.

Faculty of Business Administration, Economics & Political Science

Fees:120,000 LE.

The Faculty offers Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Economics, and Political Science, as well as, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Master of Science in Political Science (M.Sc.). The focus of the Faculty is to offer up-to-date degrees which have a solid theoretical base and a global, as well as, an area-specific outlook. the faculty seeks to graduate  tomorrow’s leaders and to be the leading faculty in Egypt and the region, by providing high quality UK education, satisfying both UK-QAA and NAQAAE quality standards and contributing to the development of our community through innovative research that impacts the education process and the welfare of the community.

Faculty of Communication and Mass Media (CMM)

Fees:120,000 LE.

The Faculty of Mass Media student population in 2017 exceeded 700 in one programme. Currently the Faculty offers Communication and Mass Media B.Sc. degree programme in four specialisations, including Film and Media Studies, Integrated Marketing Communications, Radio and Television, and Journalism and Media Studies. The student population in this programme is growing. Postgraduate programmes are planned to be developed and presented for approval during the planning period 2017-2022. The Faculty provides state-of-the-art British education to the intellectually curious and motivated students to accommodate foreseeable changes in the media industry with a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience to be effective, skilled, and ethical critics in a globalised world. The Faculty aspires to be a dynamic communication and media centre of innovation and creativity dedicated to teaching, lifelong learning, professionalism, research, entrepreneurship, and partnership with local, regional and international communities to meet the communication challenges of a globally connected society.

Faculty of Dentistry

Fees:185,000 LE.

The British University in Egypt, Faculty of Dentistry is committed to graduate dentists who are fully aware of their place and duties in society and are characterized by theoretical knowledge, clinical skills and a well-rounded personality. This means the dental graduate will be provided with professional knowledge of different dental fields of specialization, contemporary applications, and latest developments in dentistry as well as the dental skills necessary to deliver this knowledge to patients in terms of proper diagnosis, treatment planning, and execution. All this takes place within a framework of ethics while keeping the welfare of their patients at the forefront of their thoughts. The methods of instruction at our Faculty include lectures, tutorials, seminars, practical, laboratory technical work, demonstrations, and specialised clinics for treatment of patients under staff supervision. The teaching, clinical training, and assessment are geared to developing students’ analytical and problem-solving skills. Problem-based learning (PBL) will be introduced. This involves the presentation of a clinical problem to students that they will analyse and then look for the needed information themselves. This will train the students to be independent learners, an important trait to acquire for survival in the contemporary rapidly developing world. Assignments and research projects will be given strong emphasis in the curriculum. Teaching, learning and assessment will be progressive throughout the programs to encourage the transition from dependent to independent learning so that the graduates become increasingly self-reliant and responsible for their own learning.

Faculty of Engineering

Fees:136,000 LE.

With five specialization areas, the Faculty of Engineering at the British University in Egypt is among the fastest growing and best equipped in the country. Our fast emerging reputation of excellence allows us to recruit and retain outstanding undergraduate students. The Faculty’s exceptional student experience is driven by low student-to-professor ratios, strong ties to industry, strong commitment to teaching and exposure to current and relevant curricula.

Faculty of Informatics & Computer Science

Fees:99,000 LE.

The Faculty of Informatics and Computer Science seeks to be the centre of excellence for knowledge creation and dissemination and a model for academic cooperation across boundaries. it also seeks to acquire academic accreditation and continuous development. and to develop advanced educational programmes that provide the necessary knowledge and skills for the work market. with raising the performance of the academic staff, assisting staff

Faculty of Law

Fees:86,400 LE.

In Faclty of Law The British and Egyptian degree in legal studies will be the model to follow for other faculties of law. Cairo is the decision-making centre of the country and home to key institutions in the Middle East. Students will enjoy this benefit as well as the quality of faculty resources, research facilities and employment opportunities. The Faculty of law provides a unique programme in the Middle-East with its British Egyptian Law degree, for students to acquire a dual legal training in Arabic and English. It equips them to face the challenges of globalisation, and it is a significant employability asset.

Faculty of Pharmacy

Fees:120,000 LE.

The Faculty of Pharmacy at BUE offers a unique programme with a British style of education of the highest quality, which equips graduates with the diverse pharmaceutical skills needed for various career paths. The  BUE Pharmacy Programme, therefore, offers four Pharmacotherapy modules plus Pharmacy Practice, Community and Hospital pharmacy modules with advanced knowledge of Communication Skills, Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy and Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Pharmacology & Toxicology. Furthermore, the Programme offers advanced knowledge of pharmaceutical and analytical chemistry plus pharmaceutical compounding, to equip graduates with the special skills required for the development of new drugs and new formulations for the

Faculty of Energy & Environmental Engineering

Fees:108,000 LE.

With four specialization areas, the Faculty of Energy and Environmental Engineering at the British University in Egypt is the best equipped in the country among newly developed faculties. Students enjoy a dynamic and inspirational learning environment modelled on the UK approach, and get get curricula which will cater to both theoretical and practical aspects of your chosen discipline. They also benefit from the experience of full-time academic staff, all of whom are well accomplished internationally. Students take advantage of the opportunity to work in industrially sponsored academic laboratories (British Gas, British Petroleum & Shell) and they profit from the on-campus presence of Halliburton training centre

Faculty of Arts and Design

Fees:126,000 LE.

The British University in Egypt is establishing a new Faculty of Arts and Design bringing the total number of faculties up to 11 faculties to date. We are pleased to announce that the faculty is accredited by the supreme council of universities. We are in processing to accredited by a highly ranked UK University. As with other faculties, we provide a British-style of higher education from instructors of multi-national backgrounds with the latest technologies facilities (labs, studios, ateliers, etc.) relevant to British standard. The Faculty of Arts and Design features departments that cover a wide variety of art forms, they consist of: Fine Arts, Graphic & Media, Fashion & Textile, and Interior Architecture.

Faculty of Nursing

Fees:40,000 LE.

According to the cooperation agreement concluded between Dr. Akef Al-Maghribi and Queen Margaret University in Scotland, it became the second partner in the development of the Faculty of Nursing at the British University in Egypt, and this agreement had the support of the Egyptian Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of International Cooperation.